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Jiro’s Circle – A region of the world surrounded by a circular chain of mountains. The players will start their adventuring careers here.

The Jir’s Circle mountains are virtually impassible and have limited nearly all contact between the peoples living within the Jiro’s Circle mountains and those outside the circle.

Jiro – The cardinal community inside the Jiro’s Circle is the city of Jiro. Home to a thriving population of approximately 40,000 humans.

Jiro is home to the governing body of the region and central trading center as well.

Governmental Construction

Regents – The head regents of the Jiro’s Circle are lifetime appointed positions, whose requirements are to be a married couple, with at least two children currently surviving. The head regents may pass on their positions to their children if they too fit the requirements. If any changes to this status occurs, the head regents must be re-selected from the general populace, not persons related to the lords or any other government position. Regents are typically of only a few different family bloodlines and have frequently been closely related to each other.

Regional Lords – There are six regional sections in the Jiro’s Circle, each lead by an elected representative. Elections for the Regional Lords are held every six years, each region holds their election in a different year. Elected lords are commonly either are rich, popular or both.

Current Regional Government Leaders:
RegentsWarren & Mayra Sule
Staurent Region (Quarry, mines & labor camp) – Rorvan Austop
Oasis Triangle (Fertile fork) – Partha Sweet
Grulac Region (Lake Grulac and harbor) – Suet Blackman
First Watch Region (Goblin defense zone) – Roach Carne
Savre Region (Eastern Savanna) – Rain Graves
Heroes Region (Southeast swamp & forest) – Breen Traishar

Jiro's Circle Player Info

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