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  1. Adventure I: The Jiro’s Circle

    • Introduction
    • The Jiro’s Circle is the name of a chain of mountains that encircles a human settlement. A population cut off from the rest of the world has been self sufficient and has thrived for a little over 500 years. Occasional encounters with strange little barbaric creatures from within the mountain side have kept the peoples from seeking the contact from the world beyond. Frequently called goblins, they are creatures of subterranean origin, with various shades of skin color including; green, red, brown, yellow orange and many shades gray. They stand as tall as half a man, never more than 4 foot and have strange, large, glossy-black, almond-shaped eyes the appear to absorb all light entering them. Teeth that are sharpened like most scavenger animals and a disposition to match. These creatures have long been the primary threat to the people living in the Jiro’s Circle even after the goblin caves were sealed, a few stranglers have been known to show up, murdering the citizens within the Jiro’s Circle.

      The art and science of magic has recently been discovered and is in its infancy. Certain motions, certain words, certain objects and other unexpected combinations are capable of setting up weird effects, the limits of which are beyond current knowing.

      A very common creature, known as whisps, have a population that rivals that of all the known species of insects on Earth… Combined. Recently, they have become far less common, only a few dozen seen for every cubic mile of space, when it was formerly a few hundred thousand.

      One additional feature has come into play in the world for the Jiro’s Circle a strange field, like a translucent curtain has become visible in the skies surrounding the Jiro’s Circle mountains. It has brought on much speculation among the people, fear is spreading as to what it is, it’s purpose, and it’s possible meaning.

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